How COVID-19 patients should be treated at domestic?

By following these steps covid-19 patients can be treated at the domestic level. we should be taken care of our health during these pandemic days.

Fever control

Begin Following the 3-Step food regimen Protocol as you feel 1st Symptoms of Fever.

Day 1

On the first day, the affected person has to drink the handiest coconut water and citrus end result Juice.


 Glass identical to body weight, e.g. if the patient’s frame weight is 70 kg then drink 7-7 glasses.


Day 2

On the second day, you have to provide half of the quantity of citrus fruit juice and coconut water and in the afternoon one has to offer uncooked vegetable salad same to five times the burden of the patient, like if the frame weight of the patient is 60 kg, then drink 6 glasses on the first day. So on the second day, you need to drink 3 glasses and deliver three hundred GMS of salad.

Day 3

On 1/3 day, you have to give one-third of the amount of citrus fruit juice and coconut water. In the afternoon, a salad of uncooked veggies equal to 5 instances of the load of the affected person is to receive. After consuming salad at the night, you may devour domestic cooked vegetarian meals. For example, if the load of the affected person is 60 kg, then 6 glasses are to be fed on the first day, then on the third day 2 glasses are to be drunk and 300 grams of salad are to be fed.

Respiratory management

During this time, if the patient feels an issue in breathing, then he has to lean ahead and take a seat on a chair for 30 min and provide air with the assistance of a fan from the front. If the affected person is locating it difficult to breathe even after this, then you have to check the affected person’s oxygen stage (SpO2 degree), if it shows much less than 88, then you have to cope with the patient with the susceptible ventilation technique at once. For this, the patient has to lie down on the stomach and vicinity of the pillow beneath the head, abdomen, and legs and supply vent with the help of the front fan, to try this constantly for 10 to sixteen hours, c language may be taken for 10-15 minutes in every hour. It’s by far the handiest method of respiratory control by way of which the patient’s respiratory capability may be elevated by up to twenty%.

Visit the following link to learn more about how COVID-19 patients can manage their respiratory system


Control stomach issues

Forestall taking juice or eating regimen to drink the handiest Coconut water for four hours mix ginger & Mint juice 1 teaspoon of each in 50ml warm water and sip it. Dip a Multifold towel in ice-bloodless water, rinse loosely and follow on the stomach. Repeat 2d & the 3rd Step as soon as every hour for three hours if the ache/discomfort persists. This is also beneficial data What are the 6 fitness tips for 2021?


1. Bite five grams of raw turmeric 3 times a day or mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a pitcher of heated water and sip it taking at least 10 min.

2. Chew 1gm licorice dipped in honey or licorice powder (1 teaspoon) with honey, 3 instances a day. Repeat 5-6 times in case of an excessive cough.

3. Gargle with warm water with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder in it, do that 3 times a day.

4. Devour Lemon Water With Honey 2-3 instances a day.

5. consume 2-three Dates.

6.  Bite 1 green cardamom for a fast remedy. 7. Mix 1 teaspoon of ginger juice and lemon juice, and eat it sip by using sip four-five instances a day.


1.  Boil 2-3 black pepper, ΒΌ teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 cloves, and 1gm ginger in 100ml water, and simmer for two minutes. Sip slowly at the same time as inhaling vapors. Repeat 3-four times. 2. Rub down head at the least for five-10 minutes with clean aloe vera gel from the plant or dry rub down in case of aloe vera is not available.


Frame pain / excessive BP

1. Dip your ft in warm water for 20 minutes.

2. To maintain the temperature of the water, pour out 2-3 mugs of water from the bucket and replace it with fresh warm water every 5 mins. 3. Cowl head with a towel soaked in cold water. Also, read this Can a bad way of life cause most cancers? Undertake these 5 health Mantras

Lungs contamination

1. For a Covid-19 patient Take the Steam of celery, asafoetida, turmeric, and neem leaves in hot water

2. Drink licorice (boil 1 tablespoon powder in 1 cup of water 2-3 instances an afternoon) misplaced flavor & scent

3. Nothing to Do it will restore routinely, it may take months.

4. You may use sharp flavor & smell elements. After finishing three days, you have to observe the primary Dip weight-reduction plan for 7-15 days.


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